A chip(board) off the old Bloc

The flyer from the 200sqr show at Bloc Projects in 2002.

It’s hard to believe that Bloc Studios / Bloc Projects has been going for 10 years. Bloc existed as artists’ studios elsewhere before, but it was the move to Granton Works, Sheffield, UK that transformed it into one of the most interesting artists’ communities in the country. I had a studio for a while but gave it up as I did not use it enough, but I am now an Associate Member.

Information about renting studios is here, and Associate Membership here.

Below is a piece of work I made for the first group show there  in 2002, where Richard Bartle, the prime mover behind the whole project, issued everyone with a piece of chipboard 200mm x 200mm, and that was our starting point. It’s called “ChipBoard™” and there is more information about my work in this PDF and Issue 03 of Retrospective, featuring this work, can be  viewed and/or downloaded here.

More information about this show, Bloc Studios and Bloc Projects is here:

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