If you can’t hide it, paint it red.

Failure is just a different name for a qualified success.

Here is the timelapse video of my attempts to create a new piece of work for the 20×20 show at Access Space, Sheffield, UK. The first two attempts involved actual paint, but the final successful attempt is a cardboard mosaic, based upon a digitally created image.

Strictly speaking, I could easily have hidden it. Who would have known? However, it seemed a shame to waste four days of timelapse video, and even my mum enjoyed this video.

So failure is an option after all.

Wargames: A blast from the past

“Firestorm”, 1999

Made at a time heavily influenced by easily identifiable sources, “Wargames” is a series of 18 collages depicting an unnamed conflict, sometime in the past, present or future.

There is a catalogue entry for it here containing all the images.

National Poetry Day 2012 – One star less than needed

I don’t think I have ever had any of my poems published. At least I can’t remember. Either way, I have a lot of work that has never been seen and I have I have decided to self-publish it.

I have nothing against the classic, minimalist slim volume of poetry, and I have attempted to lay out a book before, but something was always unsatisfying when I put my own words on the page. Here is a poem I wrote in 2003 and a drawing I did at about the same time, although they were not related to each other at that time.

I’ve often been guilty of over-thinking things, but having randomly thrown a couple of elements together, I had a bit of a breakthrough with the layout above, and I have decided to go for a more graphic layout to my slim volume.

Also, I think i might make it into a kinda poetry fanzine, rather than a book. I’m going to publish the pages one at a time before gathering them together, so stay tuned for updates and let me know what you think…


To Whom It May Concern – a word from your sponsor

Here is the piece of work I contributed to Bloc Projects’ 10th birthday fundraiser.

Bloc Assembly is an occasional event, each with a common theme or medium. I was involved in Bloc Assembly #1 Live Art and Bloc Assembly #11 Last Requests, and a number of artists who had previously been involved were invited to submit a postcard-sized work for a blind sale, with the proceeds going to support Bloc Projects.

Bloc Assembly #13: Birthday

I like group shows and there are always a few pleasant surprises. All the works were priced at £10 regardless of their intrinsic value. The one I bought is by Hondartza Fraga, and I think I got a bargain, although I was tempted by others too.

Like most small arts organisations these days, Bloc Projects is short of funding and needs everything it can get. I recently signed up to be an Associate Member for £15 per year. I told them that’s not enough. I prefer Access Space’s model where you can sign up for either £1, £3 or £10 per month (or any other amount, actually), but Bloc expressed a concern that membership does not give enough value. I disagree, for some people it’s about getting something but for most its about giving something back. Also, what about the 10 years of free shows? So far.

A few pounds a month, or a year, needs lots of people to contribute to make a difference. You can sign up to be an Associate Member of Bloc Projects here, and a Friend of Access Space here, or a Friend of community radio station Sheffield Live! here.

To hell with Cameron’s “Big Society”. Contrary to Thatcher’s denial, we already have a society, and a society that does not require it be branded or sloganised in order to establish its credibility.

I say put your money where your mouth is, and my mouth says “Happy birthday Bloc (and here’s a tenner).”