Bolam Retrospective Official Launch – A date for your diary


All your Modern are belong to us.

Please join me on 24th April 2013 at Access Space, Sheffield, UK for the official launch of my Retrospective project.

Drop-in between 2-7pm for light refreshments, informal chats and a few giveaway goodies.

There is a Facebook event here, but you don’t need to RSVP, just turn up.

Free and all welcome.

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I printed, I stapled, I zined – Sheffield Zine Fest 2013


My table at Sheffield Zine Fest 2013.

This was the first public outing for the Retrospective project and Black Daffodil Press and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I really had no idea what to expect as I don’t usually do this kind of thing, but being in Sheffield is a safe bet for me and I met a lot of people I already know.

One of my neighbouring zinesters described my table as “industrial”, which I like, although I think she was just being polite about the utilitarian nature of my display compared with the others.


I must admit mine looked somewhat “informal” compared with the more seasoned zine people, although I intend to develop the industrial look in future. I have a few ideas  for more interactive exhibits / products later on.

A huge thanks goes to Chella Quint and Betty Walker for organising the event, and I will definitely do it again in future. Russell Cavanagh made a video about the event including an interview with Chella and Betty.

Russell’s website here:

Other friends present were Lesley Guy & Michael Day of Sheffield-based curatorial project Furlough, and social media veteran Mark Longbottom, famous for Platform 58, Ataglance and new Facebook community project “Let’s Keep Talking Here”. Also, I had a Newspaper Club publication from James Price, and the mad, bad and dangerous Stuart Faulkner whose grotesque self-promotion we can all can learn from.


Furlough’s goodies, including work by David McNabb, Lesley Guy & Michael Day.


Let’s keep talking here.

Roll up! Roll up! Sheffield Zine Fest 2013


Assembling my print for the zine fest.

I will be at Sheffield Zine Fest 16th March 2013 12-5pm as Black Daffodil Press. Come and see over 30 zine-mongers at Electric Works (sandwiched between the rail station and the bus station).

No promises, but they might even let you have a go on the helter skelter…

Sheffield Zine Fest 2013 – stop us and buy one or more


I’m not really part of the zine scene. Or am I? I don’t really think of myself as a filmmaker, but I make films, so I guess I’m a filmmaker. For many years I was reluctant to call myself an artist, but I make art, so I guess I’m an artist. And now I made a zine, so I guess I’m a zinester, and Black Daffodil Press is a distro?

Either way, it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that I will be selling my wares at Sheffield Zine Fest 2013 as Black Daffodil Press and you should come and see me and the other stalls at the first outing of this event at Electric Works, across the road from Sheffield rail station.

There was a one-off Sheffield Zine Fair in 2011 but it doesn’t seem to have continued so Chella Quint and Bettie Walker have organised Sheffield Zine Fest 2013.

Anyway, I will be there selling my “World X- A Speculative History” book, and the first two packs of my Retrospective flyers.

I will also have a couple of things from other artists, a newspaper / artzine by James Price, and maybe a few bits and bobs from veteran art-zinester M. A. Longbottom (more about him soon).

If you can’t make it to the zine fest, “World X” is on sale at The Old Sweet Shop and Rare & Racy, both in Sheffield, UK, and I will be opening an online shop with various publications and merch before long.

Here are a few additional google-randomised links that I have nothing to do with. I’ll add more links to this post and also on Black Daffodil Press as and when.

An online zine resource.

DIY Cultures Fair, Shorditch London, UK, 7th April 2013.