Official Launch of the One-X Bank Note at Bloc Spring Fête, 25th May 2013

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Please join me at Bloc Studios, 71 Eyre Lane, Sheffield S1 4RB on Saturday 25th May for the official launch of the New Bank of X’s one-X bank note during their Spring Fête 2013.

The notes can be exchanged for other currencies, bartered for or paid for in-kind.

New Bank of X Official Bank Note Launch – Bloc Spring Fete 25th May, Sheffield, UK

Bank of X graphics.018

Printing money, how hard can it be? Pretty hard, actually, but not impossible and the process has given me a new respect for the world of banking. I remember seeing a tv programme many years ago about the design and technicalities of bank note printing. It’s a very complex affair with many details included for security rather than design reasons.

Screen shot 2013-05-04 at 17.18.59

New Bank of X One-X bank note, obverse.

A bank note is intrinsically worthless, but is a mode of exchange. You can meet me at the Bloc Spring Fete at Bloc Studios, Sheffield, UK on 25th May 2013 3-9pm (Facebook event here) and negotiate an exchange. The notes can be bought for other currencies, bartered for, or paid for in-kind. Each one is serialised and unique and there is a limited edition, although there will be other denominations issued in the future.

Screen shot 2013-05-04 at 17.19.04

New Bank of X One-X bank note, reverse.

I will publish a more exhaustive discussion about the graphic design and physical specifications of the note on my sister blogsite Black Daffodil Press at some point in the near future, and there is a Retrospective flyer with the design here. In the meantime, come along to Bloc Studios fundraising event for music, food, drinks and fun, and you can plant your seeds in my hedge.

Brand it and they will come – What’s on and coming soon


I’ve had a very busy few weeks, hence the lack of blog posts. However, my evil plan is working already. Immediately upon announcing the launch of the countdown to the start of the retrospective year, I started receiving offers.

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Presentations in the branding booth at my Bolam Retrospective Official Launch – T-minus 365 at Access Space

It’s all yet to be confirmed (tbc), but already I have provisional offers from a number of venues to show work or put on events. I’ll post more information about forthcoming events on the page here as things are confirmed.

Screen shot 2013-05-14 at 14.46.11

Presentations in the branding booth at my Bolam Retrospective Official Launch – T-minus 365 at Access Space

I have also started a work-in-progress “What’s On” leaflet with details that will be updated regularly.

Screen shot 2013-05-14 at 14.46.18

Presentations in the branding booth at my Bolam Retrospective Official Launch – T-minus 365 at Access Space

A couple of out-of-the blue recent offers were to give an artist’s talk at Rotherham ROAR (Rotherham Open Arts Renaissance) on the 8th May and a screening of a Bolam retrospective trailer at the monthly Showroom Shorts, organised by South Yorkshire Filmmakers’ Network, and happening TONIGHT!

I am open to any further offers.