Casualty 14-18 ~ The making of a generative artwork by Richard Bolam – Part 2 #bolamat50 #WW1 #casualty1418


Screen shot 2014-07-25 at 10.52.11

The basic unit of “Casualty”.

Here is the first attempt at a Bash script to create the Casualty 14-18 graphics. This script takes the basic figure graphic “casualty.png”, creates an array of them and pads it out to an A4-sized page. The image above is the result.

At this stage, there is no variation added to the figures.

#casualty make script v1

#pad figure
convert casualty.png -gravity center -extent 20×38 casualtypad.png

#create tiled image of figures
convert -size 400×646 xc:white -composite tile:casualtypad.png casualtytiled.png
convert casualtytiled.png -bordercolor white -border 99×90 casualtypage.png

#create page dimensions
convert casualtypage.png -gravity north -extent 598×850 casualtypage.png

#create label
convert -background white -font Helvetica -pointsize 10 -size 598×20 -gravity center label:’Casualty 28/07/14′ casualtylabel.png

#composite page & label
convert casualtypage.png -page +0+750 casualtylabel.png -layers flatten casualtyfinal.png

And here is the result:



Casualty 14-18 – generatively-created page 25/7/14

I started out by using discrete command-line operations and then sequenced them into a script. I found basic instructions to create an executable script here:

I have made Bash scripts before, but am certainly no expert at it. However, it’s quite easy once you overcome the counter-intuitive syntax of many Linux commands.

The next stage is to introduce variations to the figures and produce multiple sheets for each day with labels and date-sequenced filenames.


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