The 20 days of 20×20 Day 6 – 6th September 2014 @AccessSpace #20×202014

Screen shot 2014-09-02 at 13.25.52

This is the point where I gave up on the paint pizza (see earlier posts) for the time being and decided it just wasn’t working well enough.

So, I had to think again from scratch. As I said before, I like to do something that has some relationship with the size, shape, geometry or numerology relating to 20×20 and I noticed that the carpet in our spare bedroom, where I was attempting the pizzas, has a dot pattern that I could count out to 20×20 and hopefully this would inspire a new “brilliant” idea. At this point, my working title for the work was “Clutching at Straws”.

But seriously, immersing yourself in ideas and embracing a technical limitation can be a very productive environment, and I was still confident that I would come up with something.

So, I laid out the plastic and taped it down in a 20×20 grid counted out on the carpet and asked myself “Where next, Columbus?”.


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