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Satirical artist Richard Bolam curates and catalogues his own major retrospective

3rd April 2013

On 24th April 2013, Sheffield-based artist Richard Bolam will be meeting and greeting at Access Space, Shefffield, UK to mark the beginning a whole year’s countdown towards his 50th “Retrospective” year.

In 2014/15 he will be taking the entire 12 months of his 50th year publishing and exhibiting a substantial back-catalogue of mostly unseen artwork, presented as a playful satire on branding, commercialisation and cultural exclusivity.

“It’s a celebration of the DIY and alternative counter-culture that I grew up with in the post-punk period, but was not part of at that time. In a world of dwindling resources for the arts, I’m using the strategies of the commercial world to promote the values of the cultural world.”

Whilst he sees himself as a traditionalist, Richard’s chosen media are those of the commercial world, such as video, print and computer graphics, rather than the art world.

Since 2008, his primary gallery space has been the internet, using social media and blogging to display and promote his work, and more recently, popular merchandise and promotional products.

Richard will be spending the day of 24th April 2013 at Access Space, Sheffield, UK, and anyone is welcome to drop-in 2pm – 7pm for informal chats about the project, light refreshments, photo opportunities and a few giveaways.



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