COMING SOON! Details of the next few events for #bolamat50

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Please come and see my Black Daffodil Press / High Street X stall at the Sheffield Anarchist Book Fair on 12th July at The Workstation, Sheffield S1 2BX. The fair is open to the public 10am – 6pm FREE ENTRY. As well as book stalls, there will be screenings and workshops. #sheffbookfair @sheffbookfair

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Access Space 24-hour Digithon 19/20 July at Access Space, Sheffield S1 4RG. This is a 24-hour fundraising event for Access Space, a free, open access media, arts and technology hackspace in Sheffield, UK. Access Space is a charity and is short of funds, so please  come along and bring some cash. #digithonsheffield

I will be presenting something about my forthcoming Casualty 14-18 commemoration of the 16 million people who were killed in the First World War.

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Casualty 14-18 is an online, generative artwork that will commemorate all of the 16 million people who were killed in the First World War. The projects starts on 28th July 2014 and will continue until 11th November 2018. There are also proposals for physical exhibitions of the work. Offers invited.


The mysteries of the pyramids revealed! (What elephant?)

New Bank of X Get Rich Rich Pyramid Networking Scheme Poster 01 V1 small

From 29th October to 1st November, I will be spending four days in Access Space, Sheffield, UK as a kind of mini-residency, building a pyramid in their foyer.

The main body of it will be constructed from unwanted stuff, with a laser-cut, perspex donation box forming the top section. You can follow my progress on the New Bank of X’s website here. Also, here will be timelapse video at some point.

If you have any unwanted items, please bring them along for me to include in the construction, and I will transform your worthless junk into priceless art.

Below is a miniature prototype of the top section, designed and made by John Moseley (@_jo_mo), and fabricated in Access Space’s Refab Space.

2013-10-25 small

I am also working on the next New Bank of X bank note, the 3x, and this one will be accompanied by a series of short “making of” videos (see below).

The New Bank of X Official Launch – the movies and the photos.


The New Bank of X pop-up bank at Bloc Studios, 25th June 2013.

Brand it and they will come, and come they did. The New Bank of X is open for business and that business is to relieve you of any (other) currency that we can tempt from you.

That could be Pounds Sterling (check!), Korean Wons, (check!), postage stamps (check!), books (check!), CDs (check!), original artwork on a paper plate (check!) etc, etc. The exchange rate has not been finalised yet, but this was a good start.

How hard can it be? Piece of cake (check!).

Here are some of the commemorative photos from the official launch of the New Bank of X at Bloc Spring Fete 25th May 2013 at Bloc Studios, Sheffield, UK. It was a roaring success and I spent so much time talking, the following day I sounded like Barry White. More photos on Flickr.

bloc spring fete graphics.001

Other goodies available on the day were a sealed document of (binding) Terms & Conditions and some high visibility fashion-wear.

The next appearance of the pop-up bank will be at FORGE Contemporary Art, Design & Craft Fair, at The Workstation, Sheffield, UK on Sunday 23rd June 2013, as part of my High Street X stall. There will be the bank, a pop-up bookshop and a pop-up tuck shop. Entry is free and there will be 30 stalls in total.


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Official Launch of the One-X Bank Note at Bloc Spring Fête, 25th May 2013

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Please join me at Bloc Studios, 71 Eyre Lane, Sheffield S1 4RB on Saturday 25th May for the official launch of the New Bank of X’s one-X bank note during their Spring Fête 2013.

The notes can be exchanged for other currencies, bartered for or paid for in-kind.

Bolam Retrospective Official Launch – A date for your diary


All your Modern are belong to us.

Please join me on 24th April 2013 at Access Space, Sheffield, UK for the official launch of my Retrospective project.

Drop-in between 2-7pm for light refreshments, informal chats and a few giveaway goodies.

There is a Facebook event here, but you don’t need to RSVP, just turn up.

Free and all welcome.

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I printed, I stapled, I zined – Sheffield Zine Fest 2013


My table at Sheffield Zine Fest 2013.

This was the first public outing for the Retrospective project and Black Daffodil Press and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I really had no idea what to expect as I don’t usually do this kind of thing, but being in Sheffield is a safe bet for me and I met a lot of people I already know.

One of my neighbouring zinesters described my table as “industrial”, which I like, although I think she was just being polite about the utilitarian nature of my display compared with the others.


I must admit mine looked somewhat “informal” compared with the more seasoned zine people, although I intend to develop the industrial look in future. I have a few ideas  for more interactive exhibits / products later on.

A huge thanks goes to Chella Quint and Betty Walker for organising the event, and I will definitely do it again in future. Russell Cavanagh made a video about the event including an interview with Chella and Betty.

Russell’s website here:

Other friends present were Lesley Guy & Michael Day of Sheffield-based curatorial project Furlough, and social media veteran Mark Longbottom, famous for Platform 58, Ataglance and new Facebook community project “Let’s Keep Talking Here”. Also, I had a Newspaper Club publication from James Price, and the mad, bad and dangerous Stuart Faulkner whose grotesque self-promotion we can all can learn from.


Furlough’s goodies, including work by David McNabb, Lesley Guy & Michael Day.


Let’s keep talking here.

Roll up! Roll up! Sheffield Zine Fest 2013


Assembling my print for the zine fest.

I will be at Sheffield Zine Fest 16th March 2013 12-5pm as Black Daffodil Press. Come and see over 30 zine-mongers at Electric Works (sandwiched between the rail station and the bus station).

No promises, but they might even let you have a go on the helter skelter…