Access Space: (not) the end of an era. Duh!


Access Space during the opening of the annual 20×20 open call exhibition.

Just to clarify, Access Space has not closed, just lost half its staff. It seems my original blog post (below) was a bit ambiguous, in my hurry to get it out. Access Space is a charity and relies on donations, grant funding and its own earnings. Like many arts & creative organisations it has lost most of its grant funding and has lost three of its six staff, just as the organisation was reaching critical mass with and exceptional group of workers and volunteers.

Such a shame our government has turned out to be a bunch of incompetent philistines, when we all thought, in the heady afterglow of the 2010 general election, that a new Conservative “coalition” would usher in a revitalised era of prosperity and enlightenment for Britain.

*Surprised face*

Today is the last day at Access Space, Sheffield, UK of one of three regular staff that have had to seek other employment due to the sudden demise of Access Space’s funding, accelerated by significant reduction in grants due to “austerity” and investment in the Olympic “legacy”. In celebration of what has been achieved at Access Space over the past 13 years, here are some of the videos (not all featuring me) that I have made at various times during my involvement there.

“Access Space is the UK’s longest running and most sustainable free,open digital arts lab.”