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‘Gingham’ – Andy Cropper – ‘Painting-A-Day’ no.006 – 6th January 2013

The 365 project idea is nothing new, but the first one I ever paid much attention to is photographer Luke Avery’s Sheffield 365 project in 2011. He roamed around the city taking portraits of people he met. Here is a link to a self-portrait of the man himself, and browse through the blog to see the others.

I have produced many long series of images in the past, and I really like the idea of this kind of project, but I’ve never done anything that requires such a commitment to a timetable.

Tony Kemplen, artist and photographer, started an excellent project back in 2010 called “52 Cameras in 52 Weeks”, where he used a different camera each week and published the results. He is now up to week 157(!), which says something about the tireless motivation of one of the most reliably prolific artists I know.

Bryan Eccleshall is producing a drawing a day, based upon an existing photographic project of details in the periphery of various art galleries and spaces.

Graphic designer and foodie Cindy Cheung (aka missiecindz) is also adding a note a day. Either follow her on Twitter or search for #Cindy365Notes.

Something more easily managed is @NrnIrnGirl1981’s publishing of her 1981 diary entries via Twitter. I don’t know her but I’m guessing she is about the same age as me, and I am looking forward to see how the entries develop from the bland but strangely fascinating reports on her sleep quality and the ambient temperature. Here is the entry for 6th January:

“The Christmas tree was taken down tonight. Christmas really is over. I have all ready for school. E bought me a new ruler and protractor.”

I am hoping we will see this teenager really let herself go, rather like the progression of my own early Facebook status updates, (“Richard is hungry”, “Richard is tired” etc), to inadvisable confessions and unfettered expressions of hatred.

Artist Andy Cropper (above) has initiated the most ambitious of the current 365 projects that I am aware of, and he is producing a 25x25cm painting each day for the year. His work is near photo-realistic and his subjects cover a very wide gamut from the mundane to the sublime, including contemporary and historical portraits.

So, you’re probably asking yourself why this is on my Richard Bolam at 50 blog, and how I am going to use the admirable creativity of these people to turn this post into a piece of grotesque self-promotion? Well, I have my own 365 project coming up for my retrospective year, 24th April 2014 – 23rd April 2015.

In the meantime I will be following and helping to promote other people’s insane 365 commitments. I predict hitting the wall after about eight weeks and then really getting into your stride just as it ends.

Just like the major retrospective, it’s not my idea, but what makes my 365 project unique is me.

Me, me, me.

I haven’t decided exactly what will be on it, but there will be a blog post every day for that year. If you would like to subscribe, please “like” my Bolam 365 blog here:
You will receive an email notification for each new entry, or just check back regularly.

In the meantime, please have a look and share these artists’ work.