Is World X really Planet X? – Apocalypse sooner or later

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This is just awesome! In 2008 I was asked to be a part of an event of, like, writing and spoken word about, like, technology. And it was to be called, like, “Life 2.0”. And I was, like, whoa that’s totally what I’m all about. And like, I wrote this awesome text, and it was, like, a total satire on technology and shit, and like how everyone’s like, totally worshipping technology, and nobody gets the the bigger picture, and there’s like this blind-leading-the-blind thing going on and governments are in on it, and the military’s in on it, and no-ones sees it and it’s, like, totally in plain view but, like, everyone’s been, like, brainwashed, and I’m, like, the only person who sees it.

And I called the text “World X”, and it was like about how history repeats itself, and how like no amount of technology is like going to save us and those guys who, like, want to live forever just totally don’t get it, and how death is, like, part of life, and how we need to totally make room for the next generation, and like everything. You know, and it references all kinds of shit from, like, classical literature, and movies, and like, popular culture, and religion, and, like God’s in there and Adam’s in there, and it like asks questions about religion versus evolution and stuff, and it asks questions about race and gender and stuff, and I’ve like, totally got way more of it that’s partly written and stuff, that like involves Lilith and all that stuff that’s mentioned by different religions and stuff, and God is like this God who could be, like, any religion’s God and, like, could also be totally man’s invention, but like it’s never made clear. And the original text ends like when the Fourth World is created at 9/11 (and I mean, like, whoa, don’t even get me, like, started on that one!).

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Anyway, it’s like, yesterday was the night of 20th December 2012, and like, I just totally couldn’t sleep, and I got up and starting, like, checking my emails and stuff. And I got this email, and it was like this email had been sent to me and only me, although, like, I thought I was just on an email list, but the guys at Prezi, like sent me this email with a link to an online presentation that was, like, packed with awesome info about the Mayan calendar and doomsday and how we’re coming to the end of, like, what they call the Fourth World and everything. And one slide is like totally about end of the world theories and mentions this planet that’s totally going to destroy the Earth and it’s called Nibiru or Planet X!

And it’s talking about this planet that’s, like, hiding behind the sun and it going to collide with the Earth and, like, totally destroy it, and it’s like a totally obvious metaphor for Mankind’s self-destructive nature. And I’m like, hold the phone! And its like after midnight now, and I totally wrote this “World X” without ever hearing about Planet X, and guess when I heard about it? 21st December 2012!


It’s like, too much of a coincidence. It’s like my whole world is aligned, and the cosmos is just, like, totally telling me that I’ve just got to write another section that’s, like, about the Fifth World.

And I totally had already written an extra bit where aliens land and bring us all this, like, cool technology and totally new ways of thinking about shit. And they’re, like, killed off by the Black Death. The Mayans really got this, and we’ve like, totally lost it. And they had all kinds of alien technologies that we’ve just, like, lost, or the government’s covered it up so they can use for secret weapons and shit.

And “World X” has, like, only been read a few times in public, and I’m like, I have totally got to get this thing out there and spread the word. So I’m like publishing it one page a a time, and it’s a PDF and you can read it online, and you can like share it and spread the word before the government stops it, ‘cause they, like, totally get it, and they can see that I, like, totally get it, and they don’t want, like, you the people to like, totally get it. The text is, like, finished, but there are, more chapters to come, but here are, like, some of the first few pages. Enjoy and spread the word. Is World X really, like, Planet X?

You can read it online here, or download a working copy of that bad boy here. World X – V4

And this cool site, like, told me all about the Mayan calendar.
And just totally look at the date counter at the bottom of the page.

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