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God forbid I should miss out on any meme action. I guess I’m a bit late off the mark with this one, but being an internet-junkie I couldn’t resist.

I am sure most of you will have heard about the retired Spanish artist who took it into her own hands to restore the portrait of Our Lord Jesus Christ in her local church (above).

Here is my response:

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Stalky Ringbits (Spanish Restoration), 2012, restored digital image

The world is awash with beauty if you are prepared to look, and some of it does not need improving. The world is also overflowing with low-brow trashiness, grotesque stupidity and wanton destruction.

I guess you have to choose your moments.

One moment I didn’t miss was a short interval of amazing found-art in the form of a section of distressed wall on London Road, Sheffield, UK. I had been walking past this wall at least twice a day for several years, and was struck by the layer upon layer of peeling paint that had been built up over decades. Fortunately, I acted before it was restored.

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There is an online document about this work here, and a “Retrospective” flyer here. There will be a print version soon, each with one of the two poster designs, before and after.

Collect the set!

And if you’re not tired of this particular meme, here is a Pinterest board with about a million variatons.